Airbus Incorporating 3D Printed Parts On A350 Written 15 May 2019

15 May 2019
Aviation Week reports that Airbus is incorporating “additive manufactured parts” on the A350 aircraft, and “it also is digitally redesigning components for other platforms to avoid sourcing them from a new supplier.” Airbus Head of Technology, Asia Pacific Cyrille Schwob said in remarks at the Aerospace & MRO Summit Bangkok last week, “3D printing is a fantastic tool and is something Airbus is already using in a very opportunistic way.” Schwob discussed emerging technology in aviation maintenance, including the usage of UAVs in aircraft inspections, adding, “There’s a lot of hype about it [3D printing] but it’s just one of a few tools used to create more efficient supply chains.” He “predicts a new landscape forming around Airbus’ use of additive manufactured components,” and “predicts these suppliers will typically possess a handful of 3D printing machines covering different types of materials fitted with surface finishing capabilities for components.” (Image: Airbus A350. Credit: FlugKerl2 | Wikipedia)
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