Boeing 737 MAX, Border Security Could Impact Summer Travelers Written 29 May 2019

29 May 2019
Bloomberg reports that the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX and the Trump Administration’s decision to reassign “hundreds of aviation security personnel to the Mexican border” are “making airlines and airports nervous” about how they will accommodate the record number of summer travelers expected this year. Domestic airlines in the U.S. are managing the grounding of “six dozen” 737 MAX jets, an issue which “adds further pressure to carriers and customers at a time when the air travel system traditionally operates at full throttle.” The “general consensus” that emerged from a meeting involving the FAA and 31 regulatory agencies from around the world “was that it’s too early to set any time frame on when the plane may return to commercial service.” The move, which would “transfer dozens of air marshals and as many as 400 airport screeners from the Transportation Security Administration to assist with ongoing border operations in the southern U.S.,” has “stirred consternation among airlines, unions and airports over the collateral damage they may cause.” (Image Credit: Associated Press–©)
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