McDonald’s, Uber Eats Partner To Test UAS Delivery Written 13 June 2019

13 June 2019
The AP reports on Uber Eats’ test implementations using UAS to make deliveries in San Diego, California, as part of a partnership with McDonald’s aimed at reducing delivery times and cost. The system allows restaurant workers to load the UAS with a meal payload, after which “it takes off, tracked and guided by a new aerospace management system.” Then the UAS “meets an Uber Eats driver at a drop-off location, and the driver will hand-deliver the meal to the customer.” Uber Eats’ goal is one day “to land drones atop parked vehicles near delivery locations and secure them to the vehicle for the final mile of the delivery.” (Image: A Flirtey delivery drone demonstrates the delivery of medical supplies to residents in Reno, NV. Credit: Associated Press-©)
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