Airbus Determines A320neo Also Potentially Vulnerable To Excessive Pitch Attitude Written 2 August 2019

2 August 2019
FlightGlobal reports that “Airbus has determined that the A320neo is potentially vulnerable to an angle-of-attack protection weakness which could result in excessive pitch attitude under certain circumstances.” The EASA said that the condition differs from the excessive-pitch anomaly found in an evaluation of the A321neo, despite a superficial similarity to “the discovery of a behavioural issue with the elevator and aileron computer on the larger A321neo which also affected angle-of-attack protection under particular conditions.” EASA indicated “that the condition has never been encountered during A320neo operations.” (Image: Airbus A320neo on the runway of Toulouse-Blagnac airport, southwestern France, after successfully completing its first flight, Sept. 25, 2014. Credit: Associated Press-©)
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