Muilenburg: Boeing Has Conducted 500 Test Flights Of 737 MAX With Software Fix Written 6 August 2019

6 August 2019
CNBC reports that The Boeing Company CEO Dennis Muilenburg said Monday that Boeing has conducted nearly 500 test flights of the 737 MAX with the new software update installed. In remarks during an interview at the Global Business Travel Association conference, he added, “We know that trust has been damaged over the last few months, and we own that and we are working hard to re-earn that trust going forward.” Muilenburg also said he has flown on two of the test flights, and he described other Boeing employees as “eager to do the same.” Muilenburg “reiterated the company’s plan to submit a certification package to the Federal Aviation Administration in September, and that he expects the 737 [MAX] to return [to] service early in the fourth quarter.” (Image: Boeing 737-MAX 8 planes are parked Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2018, near Boeing Co.'s 737 assembly facility in Renton, WA. | Associated Press-©)
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