Boeing: 777X Pause Unrelated To 737 MAX Written 20 August 2019

20 August 2019
The Puget Sound (WA) Business Journal reports that The Boeing Company “has paused development of the ultra-long-range version of its 777X passenger jet, though the company said Friday the decision was not related to ongoing work to return its 737 [MAX] to service.” Boeing spokesman Paul Bergman said, “We reviewed our development program schedule and the needs of our current 777X customers and decided to adjust the schedule.” He added, “The adjustment reduces risk in our development program, ensuring a more seamless transition to the 777-8.” Bergman also “added that the company remains committed to the 777-8 and emphasized the decision to delay its development was not related to the resources being used by the company to return its 737 MAX narrow-body jet to service.” (Image: A United Airlines Boeing 777-2000ER | Altair78 – Wikipedia)
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