Dream Chaser Composite Shell Arrives In Colorado Written 16 October 2019


Aerospace America reports that last weekend, Lockheed Martin delivered a “molded and cured one-piece composite shell” to “the manufacturing technicians and engineers at Sierra Nevada Corp. in Colorado.” The arrival of the “primary structure...sets the stage for assembly of the first Dream Chaser cargo spacecraft.” International Space Station Program Manager Kirk Shireman said during a press conference Tuesday, “This will be our largest cargo vehicle, so that capability’s good.” He added that “landing safely and softly on a runway, actually really close to our facility, is really, really important.” Sierra Nevada Senior Vice President of Space Exploration Systems Steve Lindsey said, “We’re investing over $1 billion of our own money in this program. It really, truly is a public-private partnership.” The company “plans to complete the assembly of the first vehicle in Colorado by April 2021.” (Image: The one-piece composite shell of the Dream Chaser spaceship before it was shipped to Colorado. | Lockheed Martin)
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