ISS Astronauts To Test Radiation-Shielding Vests Written 28 October 2019

Lockheed Martin systems engineer Kathleen Coderre demonstrates a mockup of an AstroRad vest made by Israeli startup StemRad to protect astronauts from bursts of radiation from solar storms | Courtesy of Lockheed Martin

Aerospace America reported that female astronauts on the ISS will test a prototype radiation-shielding vest manufactured “by the Israeli startup StemRad with management help from Lockheed Martin.” The fully-functioning AstroRad product “is headed to the space station on the uncrewed cargo resupply mission scheduled to launch from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia on Nov. 2.” Female astronauts will test the devices prior to male astronauts “because their physiology makes them more susceptible to cancer-causing radiation.” Lockheed Martin systems engineer Kathleen Coderre said, “If we can design a solution that works for the females, then we’ve already covered the males.”
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