Privacy Advocates Express Concerns Over Usage Of UAVs By Law Enforcement Written 2 December 2019


Investigators launch a drone at the scene of a small plane crash in a residential neighborhood in Upper Moreland, Pa., Thursday, Aug. 8, 2019. | Associated Press-©

The Washington Post reported that the Howard County Police Department “is the latest police agency in Maryland to embrace the potential of drones as the small, buzzing aircraft...become more affordable and easier to use.” However, the fast growth of the “aircraft in law enforcement has also prompted concerns from privacy and civil liberties advocates, who worry that police will shift to more intrusive uses as they expand their drone programs.” Maryland State Police spokesman Greg Shipley said that the State Fire Marshal’s Office is using UAVs to investigate at the scene of fires and explosions. Baltimore Police Department spokesman Matt Jablow said that Baltimore police are considering adding UAVs for their law enforcement efforts.
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