UAVs Offer Solutions For Last-Mile Deliveries, But Regulatory, Technology Challenges Remain Written 14 January 2020


A Flirtey delivery drone demonstrates the delivery of medical supplies to residents in Reno, NV. | Associated Press-©

Transport Topics reports that aerial UAVs “are emerging as a way to help solve challenges associated with last-mile deliveries in a number of conditions and environments.” FedEx Express SVP of Global Engineering and Transformation Joe Stephens said, “We believe autonomous innovations will provide a number of opportunities for the shipping and logistics industry. It will take a portfolio of solutions to address e-commerce across the short, medium and longhaul.” FedEx “is working with the Federal Aviation Administration to test drone technology for various on-airport operations at Memphis International Airport, he said.” UPS “also has been testing drones, and in some cases is already relying on them for commercial use.” The company, “for example, is continuing to launch drones from a package delivery vehicle to improve efficiency on low-density delivery routes in rural areas.” UPS spokesman Kyle Peterson said, “We’re growing and developing UPS Flight Forward in a pragmatic way.”
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