SpaceX Aims To Conduct Next Starlink Launch January 20 Written 15 January 2020


View of the 60 Starlink satellites from the 24 May 2019 launch. |  Official SpaceX Photos, CC0/Wikimedia Commons

Spaceflight Now reports that SpaceX “plans to launch its next group of Starlink broadband satellites aboard a Falcon 9 rocket as soon as Monday, Jan. 20.” The launch comes shortly after it is scheduled to test its Crew Dragon’s “emergency escape system.” SpaceX’s “ability to achieve back-to-back launch schedule hinges on several factors, including an expected test-firing in the coming days of the Falcon 9 booster slated to fly on the next Starlink launch.” The January 20 launch will “haul the next batch of approximately 60 Starlink satellites into orbit for SpaceX’s global broadband Internet network” and is “expected” to occur at 12:20 p.m. EST.
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