Analysts: eVTOL Makers Must Consider Noise Written 30 January 2020


SureFly eVTOL |  Bokenoet/Wikimedia Commons

Aviation International News reports that eVTOL are expected to “have a significantly lower external noise signature compared to helicopters, but that does not necessarily translate into instant public acceptance.” Juliet Page, a scientist with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Volpe National Transportation System, argued that it “is important for eVTOL manufacturers to avail themselves to the variety of integrated, simulated, and dual-use aircraft noise models that have been developed over the well as the latest advanced acoustics models, in fashioning their aircraft to be as quiet as practicable.” She said, “Noise is a key area that needs to be addressed in eVTOL community in order to scale up operations and make [the industry] economically viable.” This “involves ‘operational noise, the physics and mechanics of the vehicle and how you fly it, and community engagement.’” Joby Aviation Acoustics Lead Ben Goldman “stressed that the perception of noise and its sound is just as critical in winning public acceptance as actual decibel levels.”
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