Kratos Begins XQ-58A Valkyrie Production Written 27 February 2020


XQ-58A Valkyrie Demonstrator. | USAF

FlightGlobal reports that Kratos Defense and Security Solutions has started construction of production examples of its XQ-58A Valkyrie attritable UAV, “despite an investigation into an October 2019 mishap which delayed an expected contract from the US Air Force (USAF).” The contract was delayed while DoD “investigated an ‘anomaly’ that caused the UAV to be damaged on landing after its third test flight in the fall, the company says in an earnings call on 25 February.” Kratos Defense President and CEO Eric DeMarco said during the earnings call, “This resolved (parachute) recovery system situation and related now complete customer investigation resulted in delays that have pushed Kratos’ previous Valkyrie expectation and programme plan approximately six months to the right.” Kratos “has started production of the UAV, using its own cash, at its Oklahoma City, Oklahoma facilities ahead of receiving a USAF contract.” The company “plans to start delivery of the first 12 production examples of the Valkyrie in the first quarter of 2021.”
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