DoD Releases Global RFI, Identifies 11 Modernizing Areas Including Hypersonics, Space Technologies Written 1 April 2020


The Pentagon’s research and engineering office funded development of a new type of fuel cell that replaced the version on the hand-launched Stalker aircraft flown by Marine special operators. The solid oxide fuel cell boosted the available electricity by 40%. | Credit: Lockheed Martin; Aerospace America

Aerospace America reports that on March 30, DoD “added a new tactic to its prototyping repertoire when it released a document officially called the ‘Global Needs Statement’ or unofficially the Global RFI.” The “interest areas are an eclectic mix designed to resolve a concern held by Tim Dare, who is in charge of developmental test, evaluation and prototyping in the office of Mike Griffin, under secretary of defense for research and engineering.” Dare told AIAA corporate members in a Zoom meeting last week that without the Global RFI, “I may not ever see the interesting stuff that industry is doing on their own.” Griffin’s office “has defined 11 ‘modernization areas’ ranging from artificial intelligence to hypersonics to space technologies, plus 10 ‘joint areas of interest’ including ‘operationalizing the stratosphere’ and ‘autonomous close air support.’”
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