FAA Plans for 2021 Rollout of UAV Remote ID Service Written 15 May 2020

Flirtey's delivery drone during a 2016 test delivery for 7-Eleven. | Flirtey Technology)

Aviation Today reports that the Federal Aviation Administration “is planning to have remote ID service for drones – a foundational component of integrating unmanned aircraft into the national airspace – up and running by sometime next year, according to documents viewed by Avionics International.” Through the “remote ID system described in the agency’s proposed remote ID rule, released in December 29, drone operators will be required to transmit via broadcast and network their location, their drone’s location, velocity and identifying data to a centralized system, which a variety of remote ID USSs share and retrieve information from in near-real-time.” How “will the FAA access remote ID information? Original plans suggested the creation of a ‘baseline stream’ of data automatically flowing to FAA servers, but according to documents viewed by Avionics, the cohort has since abandoned that idea – at least for initial rollout – in favor of a Discovery and Synchronization Service (DSS) defined in the remote ID standard published by ASTM International. Rather than a nationwide unmanned traffic management system, it appears the FAA, along with other qualified agencies and public-facing apps, would query flight information through the DSS from participating USSs based on a grid system.”
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