Travel Sector Expecting Limited Summer Rebound Written 9 June 2020


American Airlines aircraft at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. | Quintin Soloviev/Wikipedia; CC BY-SA 4.0

The New York Times reports that major US airlines “are preparing for a limited rebound next month as more Americans book vacations in places like Florida and the mountains and national parks in the West.” The increase in bookings “would offer some hope to the travel industry, which racked up billions of dollars in losses” amid sweeping cancellations during the pandemic. The number of airline passengers moving through TSA checkpoints “has steadily climbed in recent weeks.” On April 14, the TSA “screened fewer than 90,000 people, just 4 percent of those screened the same date last year. On Sunday, the agency screened more than 440,000” passengers, “about 17 percent of last year’s number and the best day since March.”
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