Russia Orders United Aircraft Corp. to Accelerate Deliveries of S-70 “Hunter” UAV to 2024 Written 4 August 2020


Russian UCAV Sukhoi S-70 Okhotnik | TerHussein/Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0

FlightGlobal reports that Russia “has ordered United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) to speed up deliveries of its S-70 Okhotnik ‘Hunter’ unmanned air vehicle (UAV) to 2024.” The UAV was originally scheduled to be delivered in 2025. The UAV “is designed to carry a payload of 6,000kg (13,200lb), have a flight range of 3,240nm (6,000km) and an operating ceiling of 59,000ft, according to Russian news agency Interfax.” The aircraft “is capable of carrying air-to-air missiles and reconnaissance equipment, according to” state-run media outlet TASS. According to a transcript translated and released by the Russian government, UAC CEO Yuri Slyusar said that the S-70 is “our heavy attack drone with unprecedented capabilities, having the largest combat radius, the widest range of weapons, the widest range of equipment.”
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