Honeywell Creates Avionics Lab to Simulate Air Taxi Flights Written 4 September 2020


An operator simulates an air taxi flight over a city in Honeywell's Phoenix avionics lab. | Credit: Honeywell; Aerospace America;

Aerospace America reports that on Wednesday, Honeywell Aerospace “announced the creation of an avionics laboratory in Phoenix for simulating flights” of air taxis in emergency situations. Honeywell Aerospace’s UAS/UAM unit CTO Hector Garcia “likened the lab to the desktop simulators on which airline pilots practice scenarios considered too dangerous to attempt during real-world flight tests.” Garcia “said he envisions labs such as Honeywell’s becoming part of the required training for air taxi pilots, similar to the simulator training airline pilots must complete. In the shorter term, he hopes that pairing the data from simulations with those from real-world flight tests will speed up certification for these air taxi designs and clear them to carry passengers.”
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