Astra Attempts to Put Launch Vehicle In Orbit for First Time, But Attempt Ends During First-Stage Burn Written 14 September 2020


Launch campaign of the first Rocket 3.0 of Astra Space. | DARPA; Wikipedia; Public Domain

Spaceflight Now reported that on Friday, Astra attempted launch its small satellite launcher for the first time. However, the launch vehicle “crashed shortly after liftoff from” Pacific Spaceport Complex on Kodiak Island, Alaska. Astra “confirmed on Twitter that the flight ended during the rocket’s first stage burn, following a successful liftoff and initial climb from” the launch pad. The company tweeted, “It does look like we got a good amount of nominal flight time.” The “launch vehicle flown Friday, designated Rocket 3.1, was powered by five Astra-built Delphin main engines on its first stage.”
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