BAE Systems to Provide Flight Control System for Aerion AS2 Supersonic Jet Written 17 September 2020


Aerion AS2 December 2017 configuration. | Wikipedia; Fair Use

ExecutiveGov reports that Aerion Supersonic “has awarded BAE Systems a contract to provide the flight control system for Aerion’s AS2 supersonic business jet, BAE Systems reported on Wednesday.” BAE Systems “will design, develop and integrate a fly-by-wire flight control system, including active inceptors, for the aircraft.” The “flight system will comprise active inceptors, primary flight control computers, actuator control units and remote electronics units.” BAE Systems’ “active inceptors will provide AS2 pilots with static and dynamic tactile force feedback, and will include electronic controlled actuators that send tactile feedback to the pilot through the flight stick. The feedback will warn pilots of structural or aerodynamic operating limits, improving situational awareness to maintain a safer, more stable flight.”
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