GE Aviation’s GE9X Engine Receives FAA Certification Written 29 September 2020


GE9X engine | Dan Nevill; Wikipedia; CC BY 2.0

Aviation International News reports that GE Aviation’s GE9X has been approved by the FAA, the company said Monday. The “largest commercial turbofan in the world, the GE9X powers the Boeing 777X, the new twinjet now expected to gain certification sometime in 2022.” The GE9X’s “FAR Part 33 certification involved eight test engines that completed just under 5,000 hours and 8,000 cycles.” GE Aviation “plans to conduct 3,000 cycles of additional ground testing on the GE9X to support Extended Operations (ETOPS) approval.” Reuters(9/28) reports that GE “said on Monday it has received orders and commitments for more than 600 GE9X engines, and has delivered eight GE9X test engines and two test spares for The Boeing Company’s four 777X test aircraft.”
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