Hyundai Developing Aerial Vehicles; Plans to Enter Market in 2028 Written 6 October 2020


Artist’s rendition of an Urban Air Mobility environment | NASA

Bloomberg reports that Hyundai Motor Group “is stepping up its pursuit of flying cars, planning a full lineup of aerial vehicles that it envisages zigzagging city skies within a decade.” The company “is developing models that will carry five or six people within metropolitan areas and a bigger version to fly between cities, Jaiwon Shin, head of its urban air mobility unit, said in an interview.” Hyundai “showcased its flying-car concept, developed with Uber Technologies Inc., at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas early this year.” Hyundai “sees pilots from service providers such as Uber initially flying the vehicles, before they become autonomous around 2035.” Shin “said some flying cars may debut as early as 2023,” but “the company expects to enter the market in 2028, he said.”
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