Virgin Galactic to Open Window for Final Testing of SpaceShipTwo Written 21 October 2020


SpaceShipTwo in a captive flight configuration underneath White Knight Two. | Jeff Foust ; Wikipedia; CC BY 2.0

The AP reports that “the window for the final round of testing of Virgin Galactic’s rocket-powered spacecraft opens later this week as the company inches toward commercial flights.” On Monday, in an update to New Mexico lawmakers, Virgin Galactic President Mike Moses “said the space tourism company already has done nine flights from Spaceport America in southern New Mexico, including two glide flights by the spaceship.” While “the exact date has yet to be determined, the upcoming test will mark the third space flight for Virgin Galactic and the first from New Mexico.” During the test, “two pilots will crew the spacecraft and cargo including several research projects will be carried in the cabin.” If the test is successful, Moses “said Virgin Galactic can then move to the next phase, which will involve company mission specialists and engineers being loaded into the passenger cabin” to “evaluate all the hardware, camera settings and which angles will provide the best views.”
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