HAI, FAA Call for Voluntary Helicopter Safety Retrofits Written 15 December 2020


The Bell 407. | stuart.mike; Wikipedia; CC BY 2.0

Aviation International News reports that in separate appeals, Helicopter Association International President James Viola and FAA Administrator Steve Dickson “called on helicopter operators to retrofit their legacy aircraft with crash-resistant fuel systems, seats, and structures.” Viola called on operators to voluntarily upgrade helicopters because “retrofitting aircraft to include these features will increase the likelihood of accident survival for your most precious resources – your employees and customers – and will make a clear statement of your commitment to safety.” Dickson “echoed the call for these retrofits on a voluntary basis.” He said, “We’re taking a scientific approach that is data-driven and urging, not mandating, the adoption of safety proposals. ... We know that blunt-force trauma injuries are linked to more than 90 percent of helicopter fatalities.” According to Dickson, the 15-year trend for fatal helicopters accidents has not improved overall, and more needs to be done, particularly with the adoption of safety management systems.
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