Boeing to Close Seattle-Based Advanced Development Composites Center Written 6 January 2021


The Boeing Everett Factory | Maurice King; Wikipedia; CC0 2.0

The Seattle Times reports that Boeing managers told employees “that in the next four to six months the facility, known as the Advanced Developmental Composites (ADC) center, will be shuttered.” Even though “relatively few people work at the facility right at this point, its symbolism will add to worry about the future of the jetmaker in this region.” The ADC is “where, for decades, The Boeing Company conducted its most important and secretive manufacturing research programs, both military and commercial.” In a statement, Boeing said, “This is one of several steps we’re taking to streamline our operations and make more efficient use of our facility space.” Boeing added that “some non-commercial airplane work will continue in the building ‘for the time being.’”
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