Bell Demonstrates Autonomous Package Delivery In Residential Area Written 3 February 2021


Bell's APT 70 aircraft | Bell via YouTube

FlightGlobal reports that Bell “recently demonstrated its Autonomous Pod Transport 70 (APT 70) cargo drone autonomously delivering a package over a 4mi (6.44km) preprogrammed route in north Texas.” The demonstration “took place on an undisclosed date at the AllianceTexas Mobility Innovation Zone, a region that’s agreed to allow testing of and experimentation with novel ground and air transportation vehicles.” Bell said, “The APT reached a maximum altitude of 300ft above ground level. ... Its route included flying near I-35W and miles of unpopulated fields as the aircraft transitioned in and out of Class D and Class G airspace.” The flight lasted approximately five minutes, with the UAV reaching a cruise speed of between 53 kt and 60.8, while carrying a package weighing five pounds
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Bell Video: Bell Autonomous Pod Transport 70 Achieves First Autonomous Flight