Eurocontrol Says Aviation Industry Could Cut 25% of CO2 Output by 2030 Using Existing Technologies Written 21 April 2021


Airbus hydrogen, turboprop concept. | Source: Airbus

Aviation International News reports that “every flight operating in Europe could become on average more than 25 percent ‘greener’ by 2030 while using existing technology, according to a new so-called think paper published by Eurocontrol on Tuesday.” The paper “asserts that the aviation industry can make significant progress toward the ‘perfect green flight’ through measures including increased use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), more efficient use of airspace, and fleet modernization by airlines.” The study “also concluded that emerging aircraft technologies in the form of hybrid, fully electric, and hydrogen airplanes will ‘transform’ aviation during the 20-year period starting in 2030. By 2050, those new airplanes will prevail on short- to medium-haul routes, while SAF use will predominate in long-haul operations.”
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