NASA’s Perseverance Rover Turns Cameras to Investigation of Jezero Crater Written 13 May 2021


NASA’s next Mars rover has a new name: “Perseverance” | NASA

The Daily Mail (UK) reports that NASA’s Perseverance rover “has switched from photographing the Ingenuity helicopter’s test flights, to searching for signs of long gone Martian life.” Using “its suite of cameras, Perseverance has been taking images of rocks on the floor of” the Jezero crater, “which was once a lakebed billions of years ago.” Data from the rover “will help scientists create a timeline of when an ancient lake formed there, when it dried, and when sediment began piling up in the delta that formed in the crater long ago.” Understanding “this timeline should help date rock samples – to be collected later in the mission – that might preserve a record of ancient microbes.”
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