Hybrid Air Vehicles Releases Details of Airlander 10 Written 28 May 2021


Airlander 10 at Cardington Hangar, 21 March 2016. | Credit: Philbobagshot; Wikimedia Commons; CC BY-SA 3.0

CNN reports that on Wednesday, UK-based Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) “released the latest details of its airship, which boasts a far smaller carbon footprint than a conventional passenger plane.” The Airlander 10 aircraft “will seat up to 100 passengers and operate with 90% fewer emissions than conventional aircraft, the company said in a press release.” The airship “requires less fuel than a conventional aircraft due to a combination of ‘buoyant lift from helium, aerodynamic lift, and vectored thrust,’ according to HAV.” The airship “boasts an unpressurized cabin, and is built to withstand high and low temperatures, strong winds and even lightning strikes, to the same regulatory standards as other passenger aircraft, says HAV.” The Airlander 10 “won’t compete with long-haul flights or routes already well-served by high-speed rail connections, said” HAV CEO Tom Grundy. The company will instead use the aircraft on trips between “cities a few hundred miles apart.”
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