Source: Boeing to Fly 737 MAX 10 for First Time Friday Written 18 June 2021


Boeing 737 MAX 10 rendering. | Credit: Wikipedia; Fair Use

Reuters reports that The Boeing Company “was readying the largest member of its 737 MAX family for its maiden flight on Friday, a person familiar with the matter said.” The maiden flight of the 737 MAX 10, “expected around 10 a.m. local time from the Seattle area, the person said, heralds months of testing and certification before it enters service in 2023.” The 230-seat 737-10 “is designed to close the gap between its 178-to-220-seat 737-9, and the 185-to-240-seat A321neo, which dominates the top end of the narrowbody jet market, worth some $3.5 trillion over 20 years.” However, “the market opportunity for the 737 MAX 10 is constrained by the jet’s range of 3,300 nm (6,100 km), which falls short of the A321neo’s 4,000 nm.”
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