US Marines F-35C Squadron Achieves Full Operational Capability Written 6 July 2021


F-35 carrier landing. | Credit: U.S. Navy; Wikimedia Commons; Public Domain

Insider reports that the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing said in a statement last week that Marine Fighter Attack Squadron (VMFA) 314 has become the first USMC F-35C Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter squadron to achieve full operational capability, “meaning it is now fully prepared to wage war from Navy aircraft carriers.” The 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing said that the initial operational capability enabled “VMFA-314 to deploy the F-35C onto aircraft carriers where they will be able to support combat operations anywhere in the world.” 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing commanding general Maj. Gen. Christopher Mahoney said in a statement that the squadron is “now full up round and bring the incredible 5th generation capability to 3rd MAW.” Mahoney said that the squadron “will deploy as part of a Carrier Strike Group next year.”
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