Data from NASA’s Insight Rover Released Thursday Reveals Information on Anatomy of Mars Written 23 July 2021


InSight Lander | NASA/JPL-Caltech

Reuters reports that “seismic waves from quakes detected by NASA’s robotic InSight lander have helped scientists decipher the anatomy of Mars, including the first estimates of the size of its large liquid metal core, thickness of its crust, and nature of its mantle.” The findings, disclosed Thursday, “shed light on what had been a poorly understood internal structure of Earth’s smaller neighbor and provided a few surprises as well as confirmation that the Red Planet’s center is molten.” The Martian core “was found to have a diameter of approximately 2,275 miles (3,660 km), larger than previously thought. This suggests that the core, made up mostly of iron and nickel, is less dense than previously known, with lighter elements such as sulfur, oxygen, carbon and hydrogen representing an unexpectedly large proportion.”
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