NASA Could Take International Space Station Out of Orbit in January 2031 Written 2 February 2022


International Space Station | NASA

In an online report, Sky News (UK) says, “NASA has published plans for the future of the International Space Station which could see the 444,615kg structure taken out of orbit in January 2031 and crashed into a ‘spacecraft cemetery.’” The ISS “will continue operating until 2030 following a commitment made by President Biden and Vice President Harris last month, but its long-term future is unsustainable.” NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said the ISS has been “a beacon of peaceful international scientific collaboration” for more than 20 years, but by the end of this decade, all of its mission goals will have been completed. NASA “expects the future of space science collaboration to lie with commercially operated space platforms and has published a report about how it will be making this transition, including pulling the ISS out of the sky.”
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