Commercial Aviation Faces Pilot Shortage Written 25 March 2022


American Airlines aircraft at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. | Quintin Soloviev/Wikipedia; CC BY-SA 4.0

The Dallas Morning News reports that regional airlines are already feeling the effect of the “long-foretold” pilot shortage, as SkyWest Airlines “cited a shortage of pilots while petitioning the government to drop service to 29 cities.” The Morning News adds that the pilot shortage “may hinder a travel industry that’s already struggling to emerge from two years of pandemic pain,” as Oliver Wyman expects a shortage of 19,000 pilots across the world by the end of the year. The Morning News explains that regional airlines “will get hit the hardest because the country’s mainline carriers, including American, Southwest, United and Delta, pay much better than regional airlines and usually treat those smaller companies as farm teams to fill their big-league rosters of pilots.” United and Delta are also mentioned as having “cadet programs” aimed at bolstering their pilot figures.
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