Blue Origin Announces Six Spaceflyers for Friday Trip Written 18 May 2022


NS-20 mission launch, March 31, 2022. | Credit: Blue Origin–©

SPACE reports, “Blue Origin’s next set of spaceflyers includes a prior customer and the first Mexican-born woman to visit the final frontier.” The flight will depart from “Blue Origin’s Launch Site One near Van Horn, Texas, on Friday morning (May 20),” and its “New Shepard vehicle will carry six people on a brief trip to suborbital space.” These six individuals include: Evan Dick, who “previously flew to space on board the NS-19 mission of Dec. 11, 2021”; Katya Echazarreta, who “was sponsored by the nonprofit Space for Humanity” and “will become the first Mexican-born woman to visit space”; Hamish Harding, “a business jet pilot and chair of the business jet brokerage company Action Aviation”; Victor Correa Hespanha, “sponsored by the Crypto Space Agency”; Jaison Robinson, “a finalist on the TV show ‘Survivor: Samoa’ in 2009”; and Victor Vescovo, “a co-founder of the private equity investment firm Insight Equity and a retired U.S. Navy reservist and intelligence officer.”
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