Artemis I to Feature High-Resolution Recorded Video Written 2 September 2022


After scrubbing the Aug. 29 launch attempt, NASA has decided to make a second attempt on Sept. 3. | Credit: NASA/Frank Michaux, via Aerosapce America

Aerospace America reports the 25 cameras “on the Space Launch System rocket and Orion capsule for the Artemis I mission are mainly for engineers who must analyze every aspect of this uncrewed lunar trial. But if all goes as planned, the public should still be treated to space scenes of unprecedented quality.” NASA Orion Avionics, Power and Software Manager Matt Lemke said, “Artemis I won’t feature much actual lunar photography, but you should expect some lunar streaming [during Orion’s fly by] as well as higher resolution recorded video.”
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 Watch the Artemis I launch live on NASA TV

The next anticipated launch window will take place Saturday, 3 September.