Starship Award Part of $4 Billion in NASA Flights Written 18 November 2022


Starship SN9 on the launch pad. | Credit: Jared Krahn; Wikimedia Commons; CC BY-SA 4.0

CNBC reports that right before Artemis I lifted off from Cape Canaveral, “NASA announced an additional Starship award under the lunar Artemis program. SpaceX is now on tap for about $4 billion worth of Starship flights for NASA – an uncrewed demonstration mission and the two crewed landings during Artemis 3 and 4 – and it’s clearly crunch time for the company.” SpaceX still has a ways to go, however, with the Federal Aviation Administration saying that the company still needs to provide the regulatory agency with more information on the “environmental mitigations that the regulator outlined in June.”
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