Aerospace Supply Chain Seeing Long Climb Back to Health Written 13 February 2023


Boeing 787 production line. | Jetstar Airways; Wikipedia; CC BY-SA 2.0

FlightGlobal reports, “At first glance, the US commercial aerospace industry might seem to be enjoying a broad and rapid recovery from the lows seen at the height of the pandemic. But appearances can be deceiving. Yes, Boeing in 2022 managed to significantly ramp up aircraft deliveries, but many of those were jets from the airframer’s inventory – built months or years prior.” Boeing in 2022 “delivered 480 aircraft, up from 340 in 2021 thanks largely to a significant bump in 737 Max deliveries. The US manufacturer handed over 387 737s last year, up from 263 in 2021. Boeing also resumed 787 deliveries in August 2022 after a pause due to fuselage-quality issues that lasted most of 22 months. The company delivered only 31 of the widebodies last year, up from 14 in 2021. Those figures do indeed show improvement, but the US civil aerospace sector is actually recovering more slowly than deliveries suggest.”
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