NASA Sets Artemis II Launch for November 2024 Written 8 March 2023


Liliana Villarreal, Artemis landing and recovery director with Exploration Ground Systems (EGS), stands in front of the Artemis II Crew Module Test Article (CMTA) | Credit: Kim Shiflett; NASA; Public Domain

The Orlando (FL) Sentinel reports that NASA mission managers “said Tuesday they are targeting November 2024 for Artemis II, the mission to send four astronauts to orbit the moon but not land there.” However, wrinkles from the Artemis I mission still have to be ironed out; first among them is the “unexpected heat shield performance during the 5,000-degree reentry.” The uncrewed Artemis I flight “saw the successful launch of the Space Launch System, the most powerful rocket to ever bring a payload to space.” Artemis II “looks to put humans on board the Orion capsule, and just how well the spacecraft can keep its passengers safe is at the top of NASA’s concerns.”
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