Whisper Aero to Present Propulsion Method, Business Plan Written 11 May 2023


Whisper Aero plans to reveal more details about the design of its ducted fan propulsor and planned Whisper Jet in June. | Credit: Whisper Aero; Aerospace America–©

Aerospace America reports that Whisper Aero “has long promised that the propulsion technology it is developing for the U.S. Defense Department and its own Whisper Jet will be ‘ultra low noise.’” Last month, the company announced that it has raised $32 million to bring its technology to market, which is the design of a ducted fan propulsor with very low tip speeds that results in quiet performance due to the produced noises being in ultrasonic frequency ranges inaudible to humans. The company is scheduled to discuss “its propulsion method and business plan” at AIAA AVIATION Forum in June.
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