The State of Electric Aviation in 2023 Written 13 June 2023


Eviation Alice aircraft rendering (over Seattle) July 2021. | Credit: Eviation; Wikipedia; Fair Use

An article discussing the advancements made in electric aviation in 2023 in Aviation Today reports that the aviation industry is under sharp scrutiny for its environmental impact. As the industry is highly fossil fuel-reliant, it has invested heavily in new electric and hybrid-electric technologies that will make flying more sustainable. Some milestones for this year include Heart Aerospace developing an electric regional airline named the ES-30, which received an order for up to 40 of the aircraft from aircraft lessor Rockton in May. Another new advancement is Eviation’s development of zero-emissions aircraft Alice; aircraft lessor MONTE signed a letter of intent to purchase up to 30 of the aircraft. Both of these aircraft orders “highlight the increasing pressure the industry and its stakeholders feel to roll out cleaner technology.”
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