Aviation Industry Executives Split on Whether Energy Transition Goals Are Achievable Written 16 June 2023


In 2019, United Airlines purchased up to 10 million US gallons of SAF from World Energy, over two years. | Credit: Raimond Spekking; Wikipedia; CC BY-SA 4.0

Reuters reports that the aviation industry “is split on whether it can meet its climate targets[,] with almost a third of its sustainability executives predicting it will miss a mid-century deadline, a survey commissioned by GE Aerospace suggested on Thursday.” Most “believe the industry will meet its objectives by 2055.” The industry “set a 2050 goal of net zero emissions in 2021,” and plans to rely on SAF to meet climate targets. Environmental critics “say the targets are unrealistic due to the low level of SAF available and argue the only way to reach them is to substantially reduce flying globally.” GE Aerospace VP of Commercial Programs Strategy Allen Paxson said the survey “is trying to show that this is ambitious, (but) it’s not going to be easy. ... It’s a sign that people are taking it really seriously.”
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