CAE Projects That Aviation Industry Requires 1.3M New Professionals by 2032 Written 30 June 2023


Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport has been the busiest airport in North America since 1998. Credit: redlegsfan21 | Wikipedia; CC BY-SA 2.0

Aviation International News reports that the global civil aviation industry “will need a combined 1.3 million new professionals by 2032 to support the growing commercial and business aviation markets, according to flight training giant CAE.” In its recently released 2023 Aviation Talent Forecast, CAE “projects that the business aviation industry alone will need 106,000 to join the segment – 32,000 pilots and 74,000 maintenance technicians.” The airlines will “need to recruit 252,000 pilots, 328,000 maintenance technicians, and 599,000 cabin crew, according to the prognostication.” CAE Civil Aviation Group President Nick Leontidis said, “With a need for 1.3 million people by 2032, CAE’s Aviation Talent Forecast is a call to action for the industry to promote careers in aviation to the next generation, reach out to underrepresented communities, and develop innovative support programs to expand the pool of talent needed for the continued growth and safety of our industry.”
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