USAF Receives First Electric Passenger Aircraft Capable of Taking Off, Landing Vertically Written 26 September 2023


Joby's second air taxi prototype pictured during a 2021 test flight near Santa Cruz, California. Credit: Joby Aviation | Aerospace America–©

The New York Times reports the US Air Force announced Monday that it had “received its first electric passenger aircraft capable of taking off and landing vertically, a milestone for the companies that hope to one day sell thousands of such vehicles to serve as air taxis. Joby Aviation, an air taxi start-up, delivered the aircraft to Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California ... , Air taxis are typically powered by batteries and designed to lift off and land like helicopters, but include wings to fly like airplanes.” Joby “said that its electric aircraft is substantially quieter than helicopters or planes. Each can carry one pilot and four passengers and travel as fast as 200 miles per hour and as far as 100 miles, according to the company.”
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