Rolls-Royce Pearl 10X Engine Passes 2,000 Hour Milestone Written 19 October 2023


Rolls Royce's dedicated Boeing 747 testbed. | Credit: Global Update; YouTube; framegrab

Aviation International News reports that Rolls-Royce’s Pearl 10X engine “has now passed the 2,000-hour milestone in ground-testing.” Rated at “more than 18,000 pounds of thrust, the engine met its thrust objectives on its first run and testing has run smoothly to date.” The first flight trials engine “has been delivered from Rolls-Royce’s Dahlewitz factory near Berlin to L3Harris in Waco, Texas, for installation on the company’s Boeing 747 testbed, with a first flight expected before the end of the year.” Flight trials will be “conducted at the Rolls-Royce’s test site in Tucson, Arizona.” 
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Rolls-Royce’s Most Powerful Pearl 10X Engine Getting Ready for First Flight
(Global Update; YouTube)