Fabio Masci Founder and CEO The Edge Company


Fabio Masci is a Lieutenant Colonel Pilot of the Italian Air Force who, among other duties, held the position of Chief of Flight Safety at the 5th Fighter Wing and the Tactical Leadership Program (TLP) in Florennes, Belgium and in Albacete, Spain.  

During his career he was also awarded with several recognitions for reducing birdstrike events, including one from the U.S. Air Force thanks to the fact that after 1 year of operation with the F-16, the recorded incident rate was lowered to a level that took USAF itself several years to be reached.   

Fabio flew more than 2,500 flight hours on F-104 and F-16 fighter jets, reaching the Instructor Pilot qualification on both of them (he was one of the first four F-16 Italian instructors).

Regarding Flight Safety, Fabio was involved in activities like:

▪ Investigation and drafting of final report for a flight accident involving two Italian F-16s near Sardinia;

▪ Italian Liaison Officer and member of the US/ITA Investigation Committee on  the accident involving  a USAF  aircraft near Aviano Base; 

▪ Called to provide support to operational activities during the Libyan crisis; 


Fabio left active duty in 2015 and together with others decided to capitalize on the gained field experience and founded THE EDGE COMPANY, a company born from the concept of the knowledge economy. He is strongly convinced that safety has an essential value to operations and, while progress cannot be stopped, there is a strong need to define new innovative models capable of creating harmony with the environment.  

The Edge Company’s team is made of a heterogeneous group which includes AI specialists, software engineers, natural scientists, aviation experts. All of them have been working together to develop and continuously improve BCMS® Ventur system, under Fabio supervision that steers its development based on operational needs.