Obstacle Detection as the Enabling Technology for Urban Air Mobility 15 June 2023 1100 - 1130

Flight safety has always been an issue in aviation, and will be one of the most sensitive aspects in urban air mobility. Safety will be one of the first hurdles to be overcome to get the new mobility off the ground, because flight safety — especially in UAM — means passenger safety and safety for those living in the cities that will be crossed by eVTOLs.

While many in the industry are concentrating on building flying taxis, batteries, and vertiports to land on, we at The Edge Company are focusing on the roads in the city skies: can we make them safe with our BCMS Ventur system that is already used in some airports? Non-cooperative obstacle detection based on computer vision and artificial intelligence seems to be the only one that currently offers the possibility of detecting obstacles, classifying them without any harmful emissions and without any problems due to the structure of the cities. The BCMS Ventur, thanks to the dynamic approach and the multidisciplinary team that developed it, is an obstacle detector that has a true positive rate of more than 95%, guarantees safe operations and contributes to the protection of local fauna (birds), as well as having no harmful emissions.

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