Peter Coen Mission Integration Manager, Quesst NASA



Peter Coen currently serves as the Mission Integration Manager for NASA’s Quesst Mission.  His primary responsibility in this role is to ensure that the X-59 aircraft development, in-flight acoustic validation and community test elements of the Mission stay on track toward delivering on NASA’s Critical Commitment to provide quiet supersonic overflight response data to the FAA and the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Previously, Peter was the manager for the Commercial Supersonic Technology Project in NASA’s Aeronautics Research Mission, where he led a team from the four NASA Aero Research Centers in the development of tools and technologies for a new generation of quiet and efficient supersonic civil transport aircraft.

Peter’s NASA career spans almost 4 decades. During this time  he has studied technology integration in practical designs for many different types of aircraft and has made technical and management contributions to all of NASA’s supersonics related programs over the past 30 years.  As Project Manager, he led these efforts for 12 years.

Peter is a licensed private pilot who has amassed nearly 30 seconds of supersonic flight time.