Forum 360: Need for Speed 17 June 2020 0930 - 1100

We are nearing a new era of commercial supersonic operation. The industry is collaborating across sectors to ensure the tools are ready to meet the mission for faster civilian travel.

Whether technical, regulatory, environmental or manufacturing challenges, hear about the strategy to assess and solve these challenges to make speed a reality.

  • Peter-Cohen-2023 Peter Coen
    Mission Integration Manager, Quesst , NASA
  • Gene Holloway Gene Holloway
    Chief Sustainability Officer and Executive Vice President, Environment & Sustainability, Aerion Supersonic
  • Peter Iosifidis Peter Iosifidis
    Low Boom Flight Demonstrator (X-59) Program Manager, Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • joelkirk Joel Kirk
    Executive Leader, Advanced Systems Design and Technology, GE Aviation