Richard Mutzman Chief Engineer, Aerospace Systems Directorate Air Force Research Laboratory (Ret.)


Mr. Mutzman spent over 35 years in the Aerospace and Defense Industry. He currently serves as an airworthiness and systems engineering consultant for the Air Force Research Laboratory. His last assignment prior to retiring from government service was as the Chief Engineer and Technical Engineering Authority for the Aerospace Systems Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson AFB, providing advice and counsel to the Director on systems engineering and programmatic matters, and developing and implementing SE processes and practices across the Directorate. After graduating from The Ohio State University, and prior to entering government service, Mr. Mutzman spent time in industry working as a Flight Test Engineer for the Boeing Commercial Aircraft Company, and as a Preliminary Design Engineer with Gulfstream Aerospace. During his career with the Air Force, Rich worked on such major and high visibility programs as the B-2 Bomber and the F-22, during their design, development, and flight testing. He was the lead for the Integrated Flight-Propulsion Control IPT during the Joint Strike Fighter Concept Demonstration Program, and also served as the Air Vehicle Platform Chief for the Global Hawk Program during its transition to operations. Prior to his selection as the AFRL Aerospace Systems Directorate Chief Engineer, Rich was the Chief Engineer for AFRL’s highly successful X-51 Scramjet Engine Demonstrator where he had overall technical responsibility for the design, development, and flight testing of the hypersonic X-51 scramjet powered research vehicle.